Just because an online video has had millions upon millions of hits, it doesn’t mean it’s any good. Just look at Justin Bieber.

No, popularity does not equal quality, so it’s refreshing to see that at vimeo.com/awards/vote they’re asking for our opinions.

Vimeo has always been a little bit more focused on the quality output. Yes, there are weird, homemade time-wasters to be found here too, but you’ll mainly find a lot of extremely talented film-makers plying their trade and displaying their wares.

The Vimeo Awards are setting out to reward that good work and they want all of us to have our say and pick our favourites.

The shortlisted films are all here (sorry Beliebers, no place for you and your ranting) and the winner in each category will get a $5k grant, with the overall winner pocketing $25k to help get their careers really moving.

Cast your vote today. You never know, you could be partly responsible for the next Ridley Scott.

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