Is Prometheus Happy Birthday David viral the best ever? (video)

As if we weren't already excited enough about Prometheus, having seen 13 minutes of the film in glorious 3D, then this viral video hits - the second of what now seems to be a series of beautifully put together videos (after the Weyland TED 2023 keynote).

Happy Birthday David gives you an insight into the android on board Prometheus, and the outstanding job that Michael Fassbender does in portraying him. As he told Pocket-lint just over a week ago, Fassbender's main inspiration was Blade Runner and the replicants therein. You can see that in his movements and actions.

We don't think we've ever seen a better-crafted teaser for a movie than this, and we can't wait for what Ridley Scott and his team have up their sleeves next.

Prometheus is released in 3D in the UK on 1 June. The US will get it one week later. We'll see you in the queue...

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