With the world enjoying the "Instagram effect" at the moment, it's no surprise the companies and designers are looking at other ways of bringing back the retro nostalgia feeling for photographers.

This concept, dubbed the Retro Cinema EOS100, comes from Maxim Mezentsev and Aleksandr Suhih and is merely a disguise around modern innards.

Of course Canon has nothing to do with the concept, so don't get too excited. But it certainly brings back fond memories of messing around with Super 8 film.

If that's something that you fancy there are plenty of decent apps that will recreate the experience, including one called "Super 8" for the iPhone - it is like an Instagram or Hipstamatic for video.

Still, with Canon pushing hard into the 4K cinema space we can imagine just how cool something so retro would be to use knowing that what's inside is helping you make that next Oscar-winning movie.

Who says you can't be a hipster and be useful?

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