Once upon a time you had to ring the airline.

Then you could watch a TV screen as the teletext listings took what seemed like forever to refresh.

Inevitably, the internet changed all that, as you could look up when a particular flight was going to land within just a few clicks.

But then along came flightradar24.com, a site we’ve mentioned before when talking about apps, but it still holds us enthralled.

It is simply mesmeric as you watch the little animated planes circle the globe in real time, and for anxious loved ones, aviation geeks and the just plain curious alike it’s a source of comfort, conversation and wonder.

The next logical step was to link this site to social media and that’s precisely what flightdiary.net does.

It’s primarily a way for frequent fliers to track their air miles, but now you can let people know exactly where you are when travelling by adding your flight details before you take off.

Your nearest and dearest can then track you in real time as you fly. Possibly a step too far for some, but we still think it’s cool.

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