There is perhaps something slightly ironic about a website that celebrates actual, paper letters, but that’s exactly what does. Hence the name, you might say.

But those of us who remember the birth of email will recall that some of the earliest virals to clutter our inboxes were those hastily scanned and forwarded copies of letters, memos, postcards, job applications and faxes, which brought the weird and the wacky to our places of work. The ability to share humorous correspondence was a revelation to many of us, and it’s something that this site has embraced and developed into a useful and entertaining online resource.

It collates good old-fashioned written communications that are worthy of a wider audience. They might be amusing certainly, but often they are also thoughtful, insightful and inspiring.

There are notes from the great and the good, as well as simple missives from the little people who make this world of ours the unique place that it is.

If you’re into words, you’ll enjoy this one.

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