When’s the last time you really treated yourself? You know, that time when you said, “Sod it” and threw caution to the wind and slammed the credit card down?

Felt good didn’t it?

We’re not for one moment endorsing crippling levels of personal debt for a few fleeting moments of gratification. No, not at all.

But we are suggesting that’s it good to push the boat out once in a while, and when it comes to booking your next holiday, why not go for an upgrade?

You work all year for a few weeks off, so why not make them truly memorable and go the luxury route?

Websites that will find you the cheapest deals are ten a penny these days, but  www.destinology.co.uk is a little different, because it aims to find you the best.

They’re experts in luxury holidays and the tailor-made trip is their speciality. It will cost a bit more, but not as much as you might think.

Worth a try if you’re planning to get away from it all in some style this year.

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