Funny how they called this - they were clearly aiming at the British audience.

Not that other nationalities don’t like a refreshing beverage or two, but us Brits do have a bit of a rep in that department, don’t we?

Yep, we know how to sink a few, so what better way to find people with shared interests than cutting right to the chase and asking them what they want from the bar?

As this type of site goes, we like this one, mainly because it’s so honest. And when we say “honest” we mean it’s for real people, not those closed-community niche groups you can find on some other sites. (Although be warned: there are those scary types who list “going to the gym” as their main interest…)

So, if you’re a twentysomething Sagittarian who’s into Sigur Ros, growing your own veg, turbo shandies and the films of Ridley Scott, this could be just what you’re looking for. Or not. It doesn’t matter ‘cos there’s all sorts on here.

Just don’t blame us for the hangover.

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