There probably won’t be many pet owners out there who haven’t wondered what was going on in their furry little best friend’s head from time to time.

Well now, there seems to be an app for that, as the glorious shows.

These are the intimate, and usually quite pointless, exchanges between one man and his dog, and they are just about the best thing on Twitter at the moment (as that’s where we originally found them via @OctoberJones). This newly established (due to popular demand) Tumblr blog is the collated tweets, and will get you up to speed.

If you have a pet, it’s possible you’ve given it a bit of a personality, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. Dog’s mischievous and sometime foul-mouthed (you have been warned) nature shines through and the exasperation of the owner will be familiar to anybody who’s ever let a canine nuzzle its way into their life and take over.

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