Taking our music with us where ever we go is now something most of us take for granted. You can carry your entire music collection in the palm of your hand - something that even ten years ago was bordering on the unthinkable.

Now, you don’t even have to physically carry the data with you either, with the rise of cloud music services from all the big players like Apple, Google and Amazon.

But they’re mostly tied in to their favoured platforms, so if you carry a variety of gadgets running different operating systems, you’re a bit stuck.

With mymusiccloud.com that’s one problem that could be a thing of the past.

It’s a cross-platform cloud storage solution for your music, which incorporates a store for you to top up your collection too.

The only real catch that we can see is the amount of storage you get. The free service is limited to 2GB and by paying $10 a year, it still only goes up to 5GB.

That’s not going to cover most people's collections, however modest they might be, so what you gain in convenience you do have to compromise on size.

And we all know that size really does matter. Unfortunately…

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