Hasselblad, the Swedish-based camera company that you've probably heard of but whose camera you are unlikely to have owned, announced in 2010 a partnership with Ferrari to create a limited-edition Hasselblad Ferrari H4D digital medium format camera.

Eighteen months later and Pocket-lint has finally tracked down the limited-edition version of the company's camera at the new Harrods Tech Store in Knightsbridge - persistent, we know.

Only 499 of them have been created and the Ferrari angle comes in via the carmaker's unique colour "rosso fuoco", and bears the legendary racing shield so people can clearly see your love for the car company.

In the hand, and the camera is svelte with a good balance. The model we played with had the 80mm lens on and - sadly, for the price - you don't get the 200 megapixel back.

To make sure you keep the Hasselblad Ferrari H4D safe and sound it is presented in an "exclusively designed and engineered box" that is sealed with a glass top equally labelled with the distinctive Ferrari Racing Shield as well. Hell, why not?

You want one don't you? Good, but you had better start saving, the camera costs a cool £23,999, and no that isn't a typo.