Sometimes apps don't need to be about killing things, or about solving puzzles, or about driving fast, but just about the enjoyment of pressing on a beautiful illustration and seeing what happens next, and that is exactly what Little Fox Music Box is about.

iPad (version tested) / iPhone / iPod touch

Fire up the app and you are presented with the chance to choose one of three songs, or enter the fox studio.

The songs themselves are Evening Song, Old MacDonald, and London Bridge and can be played with or without singing (Karaoke style).

Selecting one of the three songs takes you into a beautifully illustrated landscape that features interactive elements for your kids to tap and enjoy.

In Evening Song for example that means you can send Northern Lights into the sky, get a boar family to cook sausages on a camp fire or watch a bear family read a bedtime story. Old MacDonald meanwhile has the four seasons to enjoy along with other quaint happenings. London Bridge has pirate ships, whales, and tourists all ready to spring into action.

When your kids are bored with the three tunes, there is the Fox Studio to enjoy and this is a big music room with frogs to tap, birds to ruffle, and bottles to figuratively blow. We can't stress enough, it all looks and sounds lovely.

Of course there is a catch, the app for £1.99 might look beautiful and your young kids will happily play with it, but their isn't much to it. It really is just the three songs and the Fox Studio. Hopefully more songs will be added shortly.

Oh and, randomly, you can also listen and play in German.

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