When somebody from the University of California, Berkeley suggests a website, you might think twice before clicking on, simply because the risk of it being some stuffy, academic old thing is potentially quite high.

But that’s not really the Berkeley way, is it? All laid back and Californian?

Nope, when they sent www.chronozoomproject.com through, there was a collective dropping of jaws here at Lint Towers.

What they’ve done, in their own words, is create a “deep dive into the history of everything”.

And mighty fine it is too.

It’s a project that’s just entered its beta release and brings together high-resolution video and picture galleries of significant events in recorded history in a sort of timeline of timelines.

You can jump from age to age in an instant and the idea is that, by creating a visualisation of history, people can start to see connections that perhaps have lain hidden until now.

It’s a fascinating idea, and an even more fascinating end product.

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