It’s been a busy weekend on the old social media front. Loads going on, and loads being said about it all.

Of course, that doesn’t make it any different from any other weekend – there’s always loads going on these days, and loads being said about it all.

But it does mean that, as usual, now that Monday morning has come around, we can’t all spend countless hours trawling through our Twitter feeds and updating our Facebook statuses.

Work really does intrude, doesn’t it?

Well, now it doesn’t have to, quite as much.

There’s nothing more innocuous to have on your screen than a boring old spreadsheet. Anybody looking over your shoulder will not bat an eye.

What they won’t notice, courtesy of is that the spreadsheet in question is actually all your latest social media updates, arranged to look like some boring old office data.

This is a genius idea for all office slackers.

Not that we know any, of course…

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