An update of TweetDeck is now available to download that adds several new features, including the ability to preview media - image or video - from within a column, underneath the related tweet.

TweetDeck version 1.3 also improves list management, adding the ability to create, edit and delete lists within the application. A dedicated Lists button is now present too, allowing users to manage lists without the awkward navigation as before.

As with the recently rejigged Twitter browser client, there are two new sections represented as TweetDeck columns. Activity and Interactions can be highlighted, with the former showing a real-time feed of all the follow, favourite and add-to-list actions performed by the accounts that you follow, while the latter presents Mentions and alerts when you've been followed, added to a list, retweeted or favorited.

TweetDeck users can now also edit a retweet before sending it back into the wild - automatically adding the "RT" prefix in the process.

The new version of TweetDeck should be available through an auto-update on PC, Mac OS X and Google Chrome. New users can download it from

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