A fairly niche audience for this one, admittedly, but we still think it’s a brilliant idea – especially as most Londoners are starting to wonder how the hell they’re going to get around once the Olympics start in a couple of months. Our nation’s capital is hardly famous for its efficient public transport at the best of times.

So, this idea at www.homerunlondon.com might appeal to more people than it usually might soon.

It’s a guided running service that could change commuters’ travel habits forever. By signing up to one of the runs, you get to follow an experience runner on one of a dozen or so routes, generally linking business centres and major transport hubs, like mainline stations.

You get your bags carried and you run with a group of people at a comfortable pace.

This is brilliant way to avoid the rush-hour crush, meet new people and get fit at the same time, and you can propose new routes through this site.

This could be something that will start popping up all over the place, so definitely one to watch.

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