As a society, we can’t get enough news. We’re addicted to it. We willingly let it bombard us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through print, the digital domain and by good old-fashioned word of mouth.

The concept of “rolling news” is no longer just about newsreel footage with an authoritative voiceover, perpetually looping over every few minutes.

Now, it’s about capturing the moment from as many different sources as possible. Often this is the only way we can really get a handle on a true picture of what’s happening.

So the format of is a welcome shift from the standard online news portals.

The new 24-hour online news service from ITV is optimised for phone and tablet access, so now you can get your current affairs fix on the hoof, as well as wile sitting at your desk, with no discernable difference in the overall experience.

We think this is a significant entry into the online news arena and we’ve been following it for a few days, waiting for it to miss something big.

So far, it hasn’t. This is because it’s collating stories from across the full spectrum of reliable sources, as well as social media, to bring the most up-to-date events to your fingertips.

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