The NHS is a national treasure and the envy of the civilised world. Or at least it was, and it’s all over the news at the moment as the coalition government here in the UK tries to push through some controversial reforms.

We’ll try to steer well clear of the furore, but one startling statistic that surfaced did catch our eye.

It’s been claimed that as much as £800 million of prescription medication goes to waste every year. And that’s a figure from five years ago. It’s a staggering amount of money, which could be much better spent elsewhere in the health service. But anybody who knows the NHS will tell you that trying to reuse all the unwanted drugs out there would probably end up costing more than it could potentially save.

So what do we do with all those old pills, potions and creams?

One thing you can do is send them to, a brilliant charity that collects unwanted medicines and sends them to medical centres in Africa.

You simply drop off your old medicines at registered GP surgeries and Inter Care does the rest.

It’s a scheme that’s far from widespread, so take a look on itssite and then ask your GP the next time you visit, to see if the surgery is taking part.

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