So, it’s Mother’s Day for us Brits this weekend and there’s no better way to say “thanks and I love you” to the most important lady in your life than by buying the biggest bunch of flowers you can possibly afford.

You can use a traditional florist, or even one of the generic big-name online suppliers.

But this year we’re all using and not just because it does mighty fine blooms.

No, this is one business that really gets how to do things in the 21st century.

It runs its business with the goal of having fun in everything it does, and if you see how it uses social media you’ll see what we mean.

Follow Arena Flowers on Twitter and you’ll get pearls of wisdom and whimsy, as well as the odd discount code to use.

Its videos have made flowers funky; check out Dubstep Flowers if you don’t believe us.

The site is full of bloomin’ marvellous stuff – downloadable calendars, flower facts, a witty blog - and ordering your perfect bunch is made so much easier as you can search by theme, occasion, variety or price.

Have a nose around and you should find a 10 per cent discount, or you fancy saving even more cash you can send some of  itsvirtual flowers for free.

We like. We like a lot.

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