Easily one of the greatest fears of anybody working in the print media is that some dummy copy you’ve put on a page will get printed.

It’s something we’ve probably all done at some stage. We’ve tried to be funny, tried to break up the tedium, tried to show a bit of personality to the people around us, and then watched in abject, horrified silence as our misplaced witticisms roll off the presses and into the hands of unforgiving masses.

If only we’d used “lorem ipsum”.

As anybody who’s worked in the creative industries will tell you, this is the centuries-old, tried and tested filler text that you can always rely on. Its origins are a bit murky (well, it was the 1500s, or possibly the 1960s…), but it’s never upset anybody (apart from the odd editor) and it’s stood the test of time.

Until now, perhaps.

The classic text has been updated for the internet age, to be given a slightly meatier flavour.

At baconipsum.com you can grab some dummy copy that will fill even the hungriest of copy holes.

We love it.

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