Probably the best indicator that your new online venture has had some real “cut through” - as the marketers like to call it - is the appearance of imitators and spoofs.

So, judging by, our Website of the Day from a few weeks ago  must be doing quite well.

We liked the original idea, as it allowed us to share our latest tunes with people we know.

But, clearly, some people don’t appreciate the intrusion into their social media feeds. Perhaps we came across as smug. Perhaps people just don’t care.

Either way, this is a great spoof site, brilliantly executed, which you can send on to your hipster muso mates if their latest “jams” are proving to be a pain.

But is also flags an interesting dilemma for people starting up new ventures who perhaps assume that everybody wants to see what you’re up to all the time.

Harmless fun, but it makes a valid point.

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