For a cartoonist, particularly a satirical one, being moved on to the comment pages of a newspaper, or even being dropped altogether, is something of an achievement.

And that’s exactly what’s happened this week with Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury.

The near-legendary daily cartoon strip is carried in newspapers across the United States and beyond, but this week’s story arc about the controversial Texas abortion legislation has take the strip from back page coffee break time waster to front page talking point.

To be fair, it’s hardly the first time the cartoon has courted controversy, but this time Trudeau has really stirred up some heated debate. Arguably, that’s a good cartoonist’s function, so many will see this as a job well done.

All we know is that, as the rest of the world watches (often open mouthed) as the US goes through the motions of its presidential elections, it’s good to see the art of the political cartoonist is still being practised at the very highest level.

If you’re not familiar with the cartoon, or just want to see what all the fuss is about, will get you up to speed.

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