The issue of how much we all share online has been very much in the news recently, mainly thanks to Google’s new privacy policy.

The mainstream media is up in arms, talking about the "invasion of privacy" and "data protection" and all those other scary attention-grabbing headlines, while the rest of us choke on the irony as we watch the Leveson inquiry unfold.

Many actual users aren’t really all that bothered about it and millions of us continue to share the daily minutiae of our online lives with anybody and everybody we choose (and probably a few we don't, too).

If you’re one of those millions, you might like, a site that makes sharing the stuff you like pay off in a bigger way than just generating some online kudos.

It’s simple really: you share the things you like – photos, music videos, trends, etc - and the more people you share with, the more points - or rather (deep breath) “PTZ” - you earn. These PTZ get you closer to some real rewards from some very cool brands.

So share and share alike, and soon you’ll be grabbing yourself some decent discounts and rewards just through doing what you do anyway.

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