It’s probably no coincidence that this one surfaced yesterday, International Women’s Day, as it’s a website for girls who like to have a bit of fun online.

The vast majority of photo-centric fun sites are run by, and aimed at men, and usually feature countless pictures of gorgeous ladies in various states of undress. Or so we’re told…

To be fair isn’t too different – they have their fair share of eye candy – but the range of topics is a little more eclectic and definitely female focused.

That probably says a lot about the difference between men and women, but we’re not going there.

But we do like this site, which is no surprise when you see that it’s from the stable that produces The Chive, a site very definitely aimed at us boys.

The fashion section is particularly good, and we’ve all taken copious notes from the Stuff I Wish My Boyfriend Would Wear post.

Thanks ladies.

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