Nike+ SportWatch GPS to measure Fuel points from June

Nike Fuel, the new exercise currency that the company has created to help sports fans get fit, will be coming to the company's Nike+ SportWatch GPS training watch and other devices already released.  

"From June, you will be able to earn Fuel points using all existing products in the Nike+ family," a spokesperson confirmed to Pocket-lint.

That means users of the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, Nike+ SportBand, Nike+ GPS App and Nike+ iPod will be able to use the devices they already have to measure their daily performance, rather than have to invest in the new Nike+ Fuel Band due in the shops in May.

Nike has also confirmed to Pocket-lint that, from July, you will also be able to earn Fuel with the new Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training footwear.

However, the company is keen to emphasise that, while the Fuel system would work with the SportWatch, its main focus is still as a running performance watch: 

"You will be able to wear the Nike+ SportWatch GPS all day and earn Fuel, should you wish. Although the SportWatch is a running performance product designed to be worn when running, while the FuelBand is designed to be worn all day as it is more of a lifestyle product."

The news is likely to be welcomed by Nike+ SportWatch users who perhaps weren't ready to wear both devices at the same time.

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