If you want to find a decent holiday villa to rent, at a price that doesn’t involved selling body parts on the black market, you can do one of two things.

The first is to befriend somebody who owns one. This will usually involve lots of dinner parties, games of golf, laughing at jokes that aren’t funny and buying more than your fair share of rounds in the pub.

The second is to use a site such as  www.villarenters.com, a place where owners advertise their villas and you can pick up swanky holiday accommodation, without the swanky prices to go with it.

You can book direct through the site and also arrange your flights and car hire, and it offers a "money back guarantee", so you can book with confidence.

If you’ve got a property overseas, this is a great place to advertise it  – with access to a potential six million new customers. 

Saves you having to think up any new jokes for the golf course too.

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