Being away from home for a long time is never nice. If you have to travel a lot for business, it can be lonely, but there is at least the small comfort taken from knowing you’re being paid for it.

Going to university, however, is for most people the first time they'll have spent any real amount of time away from home.

Most this is a cause for huge excitement and notoriously drunken merriment. For some, though, it can be a daunting, terrifying prospect.

Studies suggest that students are more likely than other people their age to suffer from psychological distress and anxiety.

Further studies have shown that if you find yourself feeling troubled, often the best solution is to talk to somebody who you can really relate to – in this case, other students.

And that's why exists. It’s a network of night-time support services, manned by student volunteers, offering advice, information and emotional support to young people who are coming to terms with being away from home and facing stressful studies.

With the cost of a university education much higher than ever before, we reckon this is a service that might see a bit more traffic in the coming years, so we think it’s well worth supporting.

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