Time for a quick check-in with those New Year resolutions, people.

How’s it all going? Still off the fags? Still drinking two litres of water a day? Still getting your five a day?

Yes? Good for you.

But if one of your resolutions was to lose a bit of weight, and you’re finding it a struggle (sorry – we really shouldn’t have made a big deal out of pancake day…) then www.weightwins.com could be worth a try.

They’re not really all that interested in how you lose weight. As long as you do it safely and sensibly they’ll reward you.

And not with badges, stickers or patronising slaps on the back either.

Here, if you lose a few pounds you gain a few pounds in the shape of reward vouchers or even cold hard cash.

As incentives go, it’s hard to beat and we reckon this could be one really good way to drop a kilo or two and keep it dropped.

But just one more pancake first - we seem to have some batter left over…

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