The internet’s got a lot to answer for. It’s brought the entertainment industry to its knees (and the highest courts in the legal world); it’s made stars out of people like Justin Bieber and Nyan Cat; it’s replaced doing your homework with Googling.

It’s also sounded the death knell for the small, independent bookshops, thanks to the likes of Amazon.

Yes, it’s done wonders too, but as with every silver lining there has to be the proverbial cloud, doesn’t there?

But, one of those silver linings is definitely, which marries the convenience and price of buying online with the warm fuzzy feeling you get from supporting your favourite local book shop.

This is bordering on genius, as it takes one of the cornerstones of the internet (the greater good) and gives consumers the kind of online experiences they’ve become so used to, without doing a number on the little guy. It’s UK only, but they do ship anywhere within the EU if it’s something you want to get involved in, and they also do DVDs, stationery and ebooks.

We haven’t felt this good buying a book since we queued up to get our sweaty mitts on that famous foil-clad tome from Madonna back in 1992.

Do your homework if you’re not sure what we mean. Just don’t do it at work.

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