Renault, the car company that previously had a partnership with TomTom, has chosen rival CoPilot for its new Twingo. The CoPilot Live app will be "an integral part of an iPhone-based infotainment system" for the latest model of the car.

The French car manufacturer is installing the Oxygen Audio O Series in-car system in the Twingo, which allows a driver to dock his or her iPhone in order for it to effectively become part of the dashboard. The iPhone then controls all of the car stereo functions through a dedicated app called e-Renault.

Through this application the driver can play music, make and answer calls and, most pertinently, use full navigation services, powered by CoPilot Live. And, once docked, voice navigation commands will be fed through the Twingo's in-car speakers. It will even auto-mute radio playback in order to deliver information.

"It’s a demonstration of how the smartphone is becoming the hub of today’s connected vehicle," said Klaus Kremer, director Business Development EMEA at ALK Technologies (CoPilot's parent company).

The Oxygen Audio O Series in-car system is available as a dealer-fit option with the New Renault Twingo and the e-Renault app is available for free on iTunes App Store.

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