Panasonic is to announce another new mobile phone, after yesterday’s Eluga launch, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. 

The handset, which sources tell us will be even more premium than the Eluga, will feature a bigger screen and front-facing camera. The display on the handset will apparently not be OLED, rather a new Panasonic-designed technology. 

Inside, the new Panasonic phone will be a dual-core processor, keeping the handset’s Android operating system ticking along. 

We don’t have any more on the new Panasonic phone unfortunately, other than that it will utilise Lumix technology, from the company’s cameras, in some way. 

Speaking to a source within Panasonic we were also told the company plans to launch a consumer-oriented tablet device this year different from the Toughbook Android tablet. 

Sadly, we don't have pictures or names yet for either the phone or tablet. Expect to see a lot more, however, on Monday at MWC. 

So, Android is the future of things for Panasonic by the looks of it. If yesterday’s Eluga announcement and these two new pieces of portable kit are anything to go by, 2012 is the year it heads into the European mobile market in a big way.

Panasonic Eluga pictures and hands-on

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Pic: Panasonic Eluga

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