Panasonic is set to announce a new smartphone for the European market. The Japanese electronics manufacturer laid out plans to extend its mobile phone business to Europe last year, but we have now had official confirmation of the first device. 

The company aims to enter into the Western mobile phone market in a big way, hoping for 15 million smartphone sales by 2015. And although we don't have many details on the new phone yet, what we can tell you is that Panasonic will be showing the smartphone off at midnight tonight. 

We also know that the new smartphone packs a 4.3-inch 960 x 540 OLED display and is described as "ultra-slim D shaped". No word yet on operating system, but there are, of course, murmurs of Android and interestingly, NFC capability. We presume it will be a multi-core smartphone, but whether it is dual or quad remains to be seen. 

Check back in at 1AM CET (Midnight GMT) when we should have some hands-on time with the new phone.

UPDATE: It's now confirmed and with a name too: Panasonic Eluga Android smartphone: First details

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