With a bit of luck, most of you won’t be currently witnessing the ridiculous tit-for-tat posturing and sweeping statements being made by the two front runners for London Mayor.

Boris and Ken are going at each other hammer and tongs, pointing out each other’s failings and promising the Moon. On a stick. With a cherry.

Ordinary Londoners, as a general rule, aren’t fooled by most of this stuff. They’re more worried about the stark realities of living in one of the biggest, busiest and most diverse cities on the planet.

Crime is one of the key topics up for discussion by the masses, and when you ask around, despite the valiant efforts of the police, you can see that it seems things are getting worse. So it’s no real surprise when people start to do things for themselves.

We’re not talking about masked vigilantes wandering the city's streets, just concerned business owners taking sensible steps to protect their customers and their livelihoods.

At facewatch.co.uk you can see a London-based scheme that could be the blueprint for tackling so-called “low level crime” the world over.

Businesses can upload pictures, descriptions, CCTV and methods of known criminals in their area and other people can then keep an eye out.

It’s proving successful too, with crime rates dropping in areas signing up to the scheme.

This is a great use of modern technology to really make a difference to people's lives and we fully support the initiative.

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