First off, I’ll admit that this one was a little bit lost on most of us here.

Let’s face it, if you’re a bloke, you walk into a clothes shop, you pick up a shirt in one of four sizes (only girls and children buy XS, don’t they?) and walk straight to the till.

Occasionally, you might try something on – just to be sure - but generally it’s a done deal as soon as you clap your eyes on the garment in question.

For the fairer sex, it’s a little bit more complicated.

There are more body measurements to consider for one. Then there are different body shapes, different cuts, different trends and seasonal variations. There's also the concept of "age-appropriate clothing" - it’s a sartorial minefield and turns a quick shopping trip into a day-long mission.

Add to that the fact that different shops have different sizing systems and it’s no wonder it’s taken a computer programmer to figure out a way of choosing the right-size clothes, no matter where you shop.

There’s a bit of a buzz about this in shopping circles and even we can see how clever it is.

Ladies, enter you details at and make your shopping trips a bit easier. Fellas, forward this on to any ladies you know and you’ll win some serious metrosexual brownie points.

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