I had to file some expenses the other day. It was horrible. Rummaging around through jacket pockets, numerous bags, a couple of desk drawers, all in the name of uncovering long-forgotten receipts and proof that was I was actually doing some work and not on a succession of extravagant jollies.

Despite all the technology at my fingertips, I’m totally disorganised about these things, so somebody suggested (with an extremely smug look on their face) that I try www.expensify.com. It’s a clever way to capture, manage and track your day-to-day expenses and, at it’s most basic level, is totally free.

The app is available on all major platforms and the site itself is clean, uncluttered and easy to manage.

Snap a picture of a receipt and it gets scanned and uploaded – you can then forget about where you stash the scrap of paper. You can link your payment cards, track your mileage and generate reports that will satisfy even the most fastidious of finance departments.

There are a few solutions like this out there, but this is one we particularly like.

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