If you’ve seen the Jurassic Park films, your sympathy for Tyrannosaurus Rex is probably a bit thin on the ground. To be fair, poor old Rex has had a bit of a bad rap. Some scientists reckon he wasn’t the king of the jungle. In fact, he was a bit slow on the uptake, and if Bill Oddie’s BBC show of a few years ago is to be believed, a Triceratops would probably take him in a fair fight. And he was a vegetarian!

At trextrying.tumblr.com, we seem to have uncovered a blog that might just reinforce this idea.

It shows our hapless prehistoric hero trying to muddle his way through modern life, and not quite succeeding at anything. This is mainly to do with his abnormally stunted arms, but there’s also a strong suggestion that Rex was about as sharp as a bowling ball.

We’ve been here, enjoyed it and I reckon we might be buying the T-shirts too.

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