What was your favourite class back in school? Maths? English? Science? PE, maybe? All admirable answers, and all subjects that are safe.

What we mean by “safe” is that in British primary and secondary schools all other subjects will soon become options. The Government has decreed that a review of the National Curriculum is in order and apparently one of the subjects seen as most at risk is Design and Technology.

A relative newcomer to timetables, it’s the perfect start in life for the next generation of inventors, developers and designers, but that could all be a thing of the past if the Government decides to swing the axe.

The www.believeindandt.orguk campaign is designed to sway opinion, and it’s fronted by some iconic names in British industry, notably James Dyson, he of the famous vacuum cleaners. He is convinced that if we scrap D&T in schools, the future for Britain is not as an innovator; it’ll be as a spectator as the world advances without us.

Most of us here went through some kind of D&T education, so maybe we’re a bit biased, but we reckon this is a worthwhile cause.

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