If St Valentine was kind and yesterday went well for you, it’s possible that you’re all loved up. If so, dining out might be something you start doing a bit more and, unless you’re an eccentric millionaire, it might come as something of a shock when those bills start arriving. A table for two, a couple of courses, perhaps a cheeky bottle of wine – it all adds up.

But, you can still get a good meal at a great price.

At www.5pm.co.uk you can find a local joint that’s offering a deal, book it online and just show up. Your date need never know you’re saving a packet on the whole thing, and with events, takeaways, health and beauty offers up for grabs too, you might find you use this site for more than just an occasional romantic dinner out.

It’s UK-only, but it does cover the whole country from its base in Glasgow.

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