Nokia is to go all out on the cheap Windows Phone 7 handset front, first releasing the Lumia 710 and now allegedly a Tango-packing Lumia 610. 

The phone is to be Nokia's most competitively priced WP7 phone yet and presumably is aimed at stealing market share off the likes of the HTC Wildfire S and Motorola Defy Mini. It is set to be shown at MWC this year alongside another two phones, of which we are yet to hear any details. 

The Lumia 610 is going to be a Pay As You Go only handset. Like the Lumia 710 - which costs just £199 on PayG but grabs a lot of features from the top end Lumia 800 - Nokia's cheaper offerings can quite easily outdo the competition. It could warrant the beginning of a value phone userbase that Windows Phone 7 desperately needs. 

Microsoft is set to launch a cheap handset-orientated version of Windows Phone called Tango at MWC this year. It will feature support for things like low-resolution screens and less powerful processors. 

We will have more on the handset when we hopefully get to play with it at MWC. No pricing for the phone just yet. 

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Hunter Skipworth

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