Spotify has added high quality 320kbps streaming to its iOS app. An update, which you can download now, pushes the audio quality plenty higher. This puts Spotify above the likes of iTunes Match in quality, which will play tracks at 256kbps. 

For audiophiles this quality jump is quite a big deal and could make Spotify a much more tempting affair. Those with tight monthly data restrictions however want to be careful, as all that data will make listening to just a single song a data-sapping exercise. 

The update applies only to Spotify Premium subscribers, who, as with the desktop service, can listen to advert-free CD quality audio on their phones. 

Once you have applied the update, go through into the streaming settings and switch things to the extreme option. Try your best to stick to Wi-Fi otherwise this option is going to hurt when your bill comes at the end of the month. We aren't sure as of yet whether applying the update will mean you need to re-sync any tracks saved locally in order to up their audio quality, although it is highly likely.

Yet another reason to pick up a Spotify Premium subscription? We certainly think so. 

Update: Spotify has told us that you would have to re-sync your tracks to your device in order for them to play back at 320kbps when locally stored. However do remember that doing this over a Wi-Fi network will avoid any nasty mobile data charges. 

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