There are two main reasons behind today’s recommendation, The first is that many people make a commitment on 1 January each year (usually in the very early hours) to get fit and take better care of themselves.

If you’re one of those, how’s it going? Are you in need of a bit of a boost? What always works for us is to buy some new kit. Buy a new camera and all of a sudden you’re David Bailey on a mission. Buy some new trainers and the urge to hit the mean streets becomes almost irresistible.

So if you need to stock up on some of the best fitness gear around, Suka is a great place to do it.

The second reason we’re recommending it is that we generally don’t buy stuff form ugly sites. And Suka is pleasing on the eye in a simple, yet sophisticated way.

Top-quality gear, at great prices, from a good-looking and easy to use site.

Nice work.

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