Like most people, my life is now full of images. Yes, I’ve got kids and that generally means we take a picture at every possible conceivable milestone ("OMG! He twitched his mouth and looked a bit like Elvis – where’s the camera!"), but like most people I also like to take pictures when I’m out and about.

There’s no shortage of ways to share these day-to-day moments that I capture, but easily one of the most noticeable at the moment, and one of our favourites, is Instagram. If you’re on Twitter, you probably see people linking to their Instagram pictures all the time. Its retro, one-touch effects make drab images look super stylish and sharing is a doddle.

But at they’ve taken the idea one step further and devised a way for you to see all your images in a kind of online album.

Type in your Instagram details and within seconds you’ll see all your efforts laid out in front of you.

We like.

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