The days when most people would willingly let a total stranger into their home are long gone.

Isn’t that a sad statement? Absolutely. Is it true? Almost certainly.

But not completely. Because if you take a look at you’ll find a whole network of people who are prepared to share their homes with strangers. For a fee admittedly, but it’s still quite a gesture.

Some do it to help pay the bills. Others do it to meet new people from all over the world. Some just want to share their homes with others.

Regardless of the hosts’ reasons, if you’re travelling somewhere on a budget, this is one way to find a comfortable, safe and affordable place to stay.

It’s a simple, almost utopian idea that could only really ever be brought to life online and it’s left us with a slightly warm fuzzy feeling and an itch to pack our bags and go and see some more of the world in a slightly different way.

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