In these times of financial uncertainty, I for one have been tightening my belt. At least I have in a metaphorical sense. You see, I love my food. So, in our house, rather than cut out all the good stuff, we’re just being a lot more selective about what we buy and where we buy it.

We’ve gradually reduced our dependence on supermarkets: fruit and veg from the farm shop, meat from the butcher, etc.

If you’ve done something similar, this might be for you, simply because is about the best site we’ve seen for finding all those artisan foodie treats, without having to spend all your spare time trawling the farmers' markets and organic shops.

It might all sound a bit middle class and chunky sweaters, but we’ve found that by buying better, less often, we’re eating more healthily and enjoying our food even more.

We even manage to save money because we no longer waste any food.

This is a great place to stock up on some romantic treats too...

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