Here’s one to gratuitously leave on screen when the other half stumbles across your laptop (not something most people will be in the habit of doing, so we hear…)

What with Valentine’s Day around the corner and all that, they might be looking for gift ideas.

If they really love you, they might wonder why you were looking at and take note.

They might actually click on the handy “Gifts for Him” or “Gifts for Her” links to find that special something for their special someone.

Or, they could just get lost in a site full of all kinds of brilliantly weird and wonderful gadgets, gizmos and techie works of art, just like we did.

UK readers might recognise the name from the small chain of shops now spanning the country, but no matter where you live, you can stock up on some (not so) romantic gifts regardless.

Go on treat yourself, just in case they don’t take the hint…

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