We like to think we’re men of the world here at Pocket-lint. We’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and taken the pictures on the latest umpteen-megapixel digital camera.

So when the boss sent us all a link to  www.zooborns.com, there were few raised eyebrows. Had he lost the plot? Was this some kind of test?

But then it happened. It was slow at first, and then it ravaged the office like the most virulent of infections.

We’d got a nasty does of the exotic cutes.

Can’t speak for everybody, but it was definitely the wolf cubs that got me (I’ll now be rooting for the other side when I go to see The Grey).

It’s a gratuitous “ahh” moment all round this one, but it does have a serious educational role to play too.

If you want to get kids interested in nature, show them some pictures of cute furry things online and they’re sure to learn fast.

And yes, I know that works for other, more common areas of online biology too, but this is a family site…

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