I think it was Boxing Day, or maybe even late on Christmas Day, when it was first mentioned.

“Where are we going on holiday next year…?”

There was a moment’s silence, then an involuntary shudder, then I made some excuses about waiting to see how work pans out, checking the best deals, waiting and seeing, etc, etc.

But now it’s looming larger on the horizon and Mrs H is taking no more excuses. I need to get something booked.

Travelling with kids can be fraught with myriad perils as you navigate your way through supplementary charges, seating arrangements on planes, hire cars that will fit all your luggage and of course there’s all your luggage in its own right (just how much stuff do these little people really need?)

It’s a mission. And it used to be a lonely one.

But now there’s  www.takethefamily.com, a site for somebody like me who needs a bit of guidance when trying to get the whole Hughes clan to somewhere nice for a week or two.

Clear, no-nonsense advice and a search engine that won’t spit out any nasty surprises, and naturally, kids of all ages are catered for.

This will take some of the sting out of the summer holiday, that’s for sure.

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