Much like yesterday’s Website of the Day, this is one of those brilliantly simple ideas, brilliantly executed.

Meet the Wonderbag, an eco-cooking idea that is changing lives and could help to change the planet.

It’s staggeringly simple, and based on a seemingly long-lost traditional method of cooking. You heat up your pot of food on the stove, but as soon as it’s boiled, you take it off the stove, drop into a Wonderbag and then leave it to finish cooking. It’s all done through the residual heat of the pot and its contents.

The bottom line is that you don't need any more energy, and that’s a life changing saving, especially in the developing world where this clever idea has really taken off.

They reckon that using one of these can reduce the average family’s energy consumption by 30 per cent. That’s quite something, and although it’s not really aimed at your average household in the developed world, with energy costs soaring, it might prove an appetising addition to your kitchen.

We love this idea and will be ordering ours from

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