If the statement “one size fits all” has ever seemed a little ridiculous, you’d be right. It’s not true for hats, it’s not true for T-shirts, and when it comes to the humble condom it couldn’t be less true, or potentially more dangerous.

It’s impossible to know exactly how many unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections are due to condoms splitting, falling off, or being ripped off in the heat of the moment because they "just don’t feel right".

All that’s a thing of the past now, with www.theyfit.com, a new site which sells custom fit condoms.

Don’t panic chaps, you won’t have to slap your old fella out for somebody to measure, you do everything in the privacy of your own home with the patented, printable FitKit. Simply print and cut out the template then follow the simple instructions to work out your size.

At £6.99 for six, they’re good value and if you don’t get the size quite right first time, your next order is half price.

I wish I could tell you that mine wouldn’t fit through the letterbox, but they actually arrived in a very discreet package. Hey ho...

Stay safe people.

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