A truly astonishing statistic surfaced this week: every second of every day, an hour of video footage is uploaded to YouTube.

Just think about that for a few seconds. It’s almost impossible to imagine, or visualise just how much is being committed to film every single day.

The world has gone crazy for collecting every aspect of daily life, from cats pulling funny faces to the latest civil unrest in some war-torn corner of the globe.

Thankfully, www.onehourpersecond.com is now here to help us all out by animating what that statistic actually equates to.

As you travel through the timeline, the examples get more and more bizarre, and at one point, a bit like the ever-expanding universe we live in, I was actually sure whether it was going to end.

This is perfect for a Friday, and perfect too for arming yourself with all kinds of brilliant pub-time facts ands figures to impress your mates.

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