The Pocket-lint Podcast is back with a bang this week as we've given it a right royal overhaul and crafted, what we believe to be, the snappiest tech talk around. 30 minutes of the finest gadget gibber gabber.

Brand new industry interviews and top stories will follow in the coming weeks, but to start us off, the Linters exclusively grill one of their own, presenter of Sky One's Gadget Geeks and editor of reviews Ian Morris, who dishes the dirt on the new hot series.

He's joined by perennial BBC News and Watchdog expert, and owner of Pocket-lint, Stuart Miles, plus ex-Gamesmaster co-presenter and editor of news Rik Henderson, as they also chew the cud over the top tech tittle tattle and mull over the biggest story of the week.

So, ensure that you listen below or subscribe via iTunes in order to get your all new and improved Pocket-lint Podcast hit from every Friday morning at 8.30am...

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